Journey to THe Space Center!

The Columbia Memorial Space Center offers guided tours for students from pre-school to college levels, while also providing for groups with disabilities, seniors, and all community members.


Guided Tours

Docent-led tours of the Space Center for all ages! Approximately two hours in length, guided tours include quality exploration time on two exhibits floors and in our Robotics Lab (Robotics Lab is limited to 2nd grade and older; children in 1st grade and younger participate in a hands-on activity).

Space is limited up to 120 participants per time slot.


Challenger Learning Center

Return to the Moon or Voyage to Mars in our interactive space mission simulator! The Challenger Learning Center (CLC) is not just a field trip - it's journey of exploration and teamwork.

Limited to participants in 5th grade or older and group sizes of 16-34.


Space is limited.  $25 deposit required to reserve your visit date.

Walk-ins are highly discouraged.

Guided Tour + CLC

A full day of space exploration and inspiration! Groups can experience a guided tour plus the Challenger Learning Center all in one day. 

This option is limited to participants in 5th grade or older and group sizes of 16-64.


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In order to provide your group with the best experience possible, please let us know if anyone in your group has special needs or requires certain accommodations. No one is turned away.
All groups are allowed a 30 minute access to our outdoor, gated picnic area before or after their tour. Groups must bring their own lunches. Storage is available.
A $25.00 non-refundable deposit is required for all group reservations. Dates will not be held without a deposit. Remaining balance is due upon arrival.
Please let us know if you have any questions or if your group might have special needs.