Virgin Orbit

Field Trip Experience

We at the Columbia Memorial Space Center are reaching out to local schools to offer an exciting out-of-school experience for students interested in STEM!


The Columbia Memorial Space Center recently received a grant from Virgin Orbit -- a leading aerospace company based in Long Beach -- to offer a private behind-the-scenes tour of their innovative research facility.  With this grant, our main purpose is to provide local high school students with an opportunity to speak with real rocket scientists and aerospace engineers, and to learn about different career paths and schooling available to them within the STEM fields. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for students to see ground-breaking research happening in their own backyard!


Virgin Orbit has been revolutionizing the way we launch satellites into space with a brand new launch system called LauncherOne. They are a leader in advancing human spaceflight and satellite launch systems, and regularly employ college grads within various departments including avionics, propulsion, communications, and IT operations -- just to name a few. Virgin Orbit has now offered this grant to the CMSC for a third year in a row and is an annual partner of our City of STEM event.


The field trip would take place on one Saturday from 10:00 – 12:30pm on any third Saturday of the month from January 2019 – June 2019 and is limited to one teacher and 30 students per visit.  We will be working with other schools as well, so the dates are available on a first come, first reserved basis. Transportation to the Virgin Orbit facility from the Columbia Memorial Space Center is provided for free via charter bus!  Attached is a general timeline for this field trip experience.


I am hoping that you can help us identify a classroom or group of students who would like to participate in this experience! Please let me know if you’d like to discuss this further or if you can put me in touch with a STEM teacher or coordinator.