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The Columbia Memorial Space center has teamed up with the Mars Society of Los Angeles to present Mars Day, July 19th (Saturday).  Along with the normal exhibits on display at the CMSC, there will be plenty of activities available for guests to learn all about Earth’s tiny, rusty brother in our solar system.  Topics the […]

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The Columbia Memorial Space Center is a hands-on learning center that is dedicated to bringing the wonder and excitement of space science to children of all ages.  We also serve as the national memorial for the Space Shuttle Columbia’s seven crew members, lost in 2003.  Located in Downey, California, we strive to be the most accessible space science center in the Los Angeles area.  Our 20,000 square foot visitor center is equipped with not only amazing technology and visual teaching exhibits, but also a friendly staff and atmosphere to help make them more enjoyable.  Plus, we’re constantly holding classes and workshops, so be sure to check out our calendar for updates

The Space Center also hosts one of over 48 Challenger Learning Centers on the planet, and the only CLC in the greater Los Angeles area.  When operating, you can “Return to the Moon”, “Rendezvous With a Comet”, or go on a “Voyage to Mars,” and experience the real-life excitement of working in Mission Control or in the Spacecraft.  Our CLC is available for field trips, team-building exercises, and parties of 16 or more.



Physics Workshop


To register for a Physics Workshop online, visit our ActiveNet site or call (562) 231-1200 today. Space is limited!




Passport to Success – Making Summer Learning Fun!

June 6th – August 11th

The Columbia Memorial Space Center is a proud Community Partner of the Families in School – Passport to Success summer learning initiative! Our space center is one of 33 learning locations in Los Angeles where entire families can visit and support their child’s learning  this summer in order to battle “summer slide”, or loss of learning from the previous school year.

It is estimated that the summer break will cause the average student to lose up to 1 month of instruction, with disadvantaged students being disproportionately effected. By increasing access to free and low-cost educational activities for families and students, Passport to Success addresses this issue by reaching out to 20,000 students and their families in LAUSD preschool and elementary schools.  Families are encouraged to visit museums, libraries, and other cultural locations and receive prizes in turn for their “stamped” passports.

For more information about the program or to learn how you and your family can participate, visit the Passport to Success website.



Interested in registering for a workshop, class, or booking your next birthday party, banquet, or meeting at the Columbia Memorial Space Center?

Visit the City of Downey’s ActiveNet online portal to register.

Visit our Upcoming Events page to browse a list of our classes and workshops, or visit any of the following pages to start planning your next event!




NASA invites you to travel far into space and become a part of history! Submit your name and have it etched onto a microchip that will travel on board the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft headed to asteroid Bennu in 2016. The Origins-Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft and robotic mission is set to last more than two years, will collect samples from Bennu’s surface, and then return those samples to Earth.

“You’ll be part of humankind’s exploration of the solar system –How cool is that?” said Bill Nye, chief executive officer of The Planetary Society, the organization collecting and processing the entries.

To submit your names and learn more about the OSIRIS-REx mission, head over to NASA website by clicking on this link:

Submit your name online no later than September 30th.




 Click on the Kids’ Club logo to check out NASA’s website just for kids: NASA’s  Kids’ Club! With so many fun games, education has never been so fun and entertaining.


NASA Interview with William J. Roberts 

Former NASA Downey engineer describes Downey’s role in aerospace history. Check out this interview of Bill Roberts as he describes his experience working for North American Rockwell Corporation right here in Downey during the 1980′s.


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